I just returned from a weekend Yoga retreat at a lovely place in east Texas called Yoga in the Pines.  It’s my third stay, and as usual, I came home feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. 

That being said, it is quite the trick to return to real life.  How does one retain that meditative quality of life from a retreat and bring that into the daily bustle of normal life?  I believe it all starts by actually doing it. 

I am the worst about over-commiting. I will make a to do list that looks a little something like this: 

1.  Meditate for 20 minutes every day.

2.  Exercise on the treadmill for 30 minutes every day.

3.  Practice Asana for 45 minutes every day.

4.  Eat 4 servings of greens every day.

Do you see where I am going with this?  Only a person who has no other commitments in life could possibly keep up with this list of “commitments”.   When I can’t keep up with it, I just give up and decide to eat a half of a chocolate cake. 

I know that the solution lies in setting more reasonable goals for oneself, but I’m afraid I don’t know exactly where that line is for me.  I also haven’t learned how not to eat a half a cake in despair when I feel like its hopeless.  I’m not sure how that works. 

I think for now, my goal should be to meditate “a little” every day, keep an awareness about me regarding my goals, and live my life as if I am already where I want to be.  It’s a good start.

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