About a week ago there was one of those postings flying around Facebook to change your photo to a cartoon character.  I chose Wonder Woman.  To all Wonder Woman purists: I do know that Wonder Woman is technically a comic book character, but there was an animated Justice League series, right?

Anyway, I love Wonder Woman.  I flirted with the idea of some form of a Wonder Woman tattoo once, but never did it.  I like the little double W symbol – but, it’s yellow.  That’s the only thing that discouraged me.  I’m sure I’ll revisit it, because I rarely let any thought die.

My identification with Wonder Woman is probably tied to my psyche.  I think I can do anything.  That manifests itself in my rarely saying no.  I could be buried up into my neck in files that I am already fretting over whether I’ll finish and my boss could walk in with yet another file and say “Hey.. can you take this for me and finish it by tomorrow afternoon?”  I would smile and say “Sure”.  Then, I would finish it by the deadline if I had to stay up all night.

Truth.  The truth is – I don’t want that file.  I don’t want another deadline.  And while I’m thinking about it I don’t want to watch TV tonight, either.  I’d rather sit with a burning fire in a quiet room and read.  But, I don’t say these things.  I take the file and I watch TV. 

I am thinking of applying for a new job at work so that I don’t have to take that file and I don’t have to watch TV every night.  This job would completely change the nature of my work. I would not have a case load so there would be no more files and there would be more travel involved so that sometimes, on the road,  I could just sit in the quiet and read.  

I wonder, wouldn’t it just be easier to tell the truth?

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