The Tao of Vegetarianism

The word Tao is an eastern word which literally translates to “path” or “way”.  I have chosen vegetarianism as my “way” to eat.

I am not usually an evangelist for Vegetarianism, but I’ve seen things in the last few weeks that are making me change my mind.  

Most recently I saw a Humane Society video taken at the Smithfield  Foods pork plant.  I won’t post it here, because I wouldn’t subject anyone to it.  It is one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen. 

I used to think I became a Vegetarian for health reasons, and maybe I did.  But, each one these videos that I see make me so thankful that, for whatever reason, I did.

Karma is a concept that is much more involved than most people believe.  Most people see it as a “what comes around goes around”.   But, it is a blend of our previous actions, thoughts, and deeds coupled with the collective karma of those in our world.  It’s a little scary to think our future is shaped, in part,  by the actions of those around us, particularly in light of the factory farming horrors. 

There was a particular photo in the article that caused my heart to open up. It was a shot of a sad pig looking directly into the camera.   It made me happy that I’d made the choice to become a vegetarian and it made me hope that my choice was moving the needle on the collective karma of the universe in the right direction.

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